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Star Trek: The motion Picture The Entropy Effect The Klingon Gambit The Covenant of the Crown
The Prometheus Design The Abode of Life Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Black Fire
Triangle Web of the Romulans Yesterday´s Son Mutiny on the Enterprise
The Wounded Sky The Trellisiane Confrontation Corona The final Reflection
Star Trek: The Search for Spock Tears of the Singers The Vulcan Academy Murders Uhuras Song
Shadow Lord Ishmael Killing Time Dwellers in the Crucible
Pawns and Symbols Mind Shadows Crisis on Centaurus Dreadnought!
Demons Battlestations Chain of Attack Deep Domain
Dreams of the Raven How much for Just the Planet? Bloodthirst The IDIC Epidemic
Time for Yesterday Timetrap The three minute Universe Memory Prime
The final Nexus Vulcan´s Glory Double, Double The cry of the Onlies
The Kobayashi Maru Rules of Engagement The Pandora Priciple Doctors Orders
Enemy Unseen Home ist the Hunter Ghost Walker A flag full of stars
Renegade Legacy The Rift Face of Fire
The Disinherited Ice Trap Sanctuary Death Count
Shell Game The Starship Trap Window on a lost Word From the Depths
The Great Starship Race Firestorm The Patrian Transgression Traitor Wins
Crossroads The better Man Recovery The fearfull summons
First Frontier The Captains Daughter Twilights End The Rings of Tautee
First Strike The Joy Machine Mudd in your Eye Mind Meld
Heart of the Sund Assignment: Enternity Across the Universe In the Name of Honor
Eugenic Wars I Eugenic Wars II Gemini  Engines of Destiny
Burning Dreams The Star to every Wandering The fire and the Rose Provenance of Shadows
  (Crucible: Kirk) (Crucible: Spock) (Crucible: McCoy)
Constellations Strangers from the Sky Music of the Spheres Prime Directive
Best Desteny Shadows of the Sun Sarek Federation
Starfleet Academy Mission to Horatius Vulcans Heart Preserver